Roseau Load Flow#

Roseau Load Flow is a load flow solver capable of modeling 3-phase unbalanced power systems with a wide variety of models for lines, transformers, loads, and sources. This software is developed by Roseau Technologies.

With this library, there is a sample of 20 low-voltage and 20 medium-voltage feeders included for an easy start! Each network is given with its summer and winter load point. At Roseau Technologies, we are able to provide the major part of the French medium and low voltage networks. For more information, please contact us at

More details are given in the Catalogues page.


roseau-load-flow is the python interface to the solver. It is compatible with Python version 3.9 and newer and can be installed with:


The following tutorials are available to help you get started:


A description of the electrical models used for each component is available:


The load flow solvers used are also documented:


API Reference#

If you want the full documentation of all the classes and functions, you can refer to the following references: